About Us

Welcome to the eslimi carpet group’s website

The “ESLIMI CARPET GROUP” is a assortment consist of a numerous of engineers, specialists and varsity outstanding artists. The Group with reliance on its ability and it experiences as well, is passing the way on the ground of providing so many of services like textile engineers, consulting and producing usual or conventional, extra large and huge handmade or machine-made carpets and tufting further related draughtsmanship.

Since outset in Jul 26th ,2000 , til now the Eslimi Group has presented a wide range of mentioned services to make textile society satisfied.

Our activities:

Carpets and rugs design

Digital and traditional training for carpet design

Carpets and rugs business advice

Design and production of special, large and monolith carpets

Group of experts:


Yazd office manager

Marketing and sales manager

Research and development manager