Customized Carpets at customer request

The products of the Eslimi Carpet expert Group include: large carpet, wide carpet, carpet in custom size, huge machine-made carpet , acrylic carpet, wool carpet and precious carpet can be used in reception rooms, residential houses, mosques, hotels, palaces, luxury and luxe buildings


Integrated Carpet

Carpets that are designed and constructed according to the plan and specific location So as to be fitted in the place, called integrated carpets and one piece.

These carpets do not need to be moved, and if they need to be washed and cleaned with the same equipment in the same place, this action is done very quickly and with the desired quality.

special carpet

Special Carpet

In the section of special carpets, Generally, picture and tableau carpets of landscapes, faces and portraits of individuals, flags, logos and company advertising icons in custom sizes, gonna be built for Customers order.

large size carpet

Large Size Carpet

Large carpet or large size carpet can be said that the carpets are larger and wider in size and size in terms of size and size.

The dimensions of the standard carpets in the market are generally 4*3, 3*2, 3.5*2.5, but big carpet size is 9*6, 8*5, 20*10 and …

There is no limit to the design, construction and size of the length and width, color, reeds, shape and area of the carpets. In other words, these carpets can be named as custom carpets because their size, color and reeds are determined by customer order and demand.


Washing and cleaning of large and integrated arched carpets of any size and type of fibers at the place of installation by the Eslimi carpet export group.

You don’t need to send your carpet outdoors and wash it in front of your eyes at home with mechanized devices.

Carpet Design

Carpet Design

The Eslimi Carpet Group consists of expert designers, experienced and professional with academic education in the field of carpet design, Given this valuable ability can meet all the needs of its customers in design of the map, color design and design size.

Making carpet

Making Carpet

The assembly of woven carpet parts is from a large carpet next to each other Which in this way the joint places are made by the most experienced and skilled handmade carpet darning and hand crafted artists.

Installing the carpet

Carpet Installation

In large places with pillars, cutaways, dents and various bulges, First, a cover of a layer called underlie (carpet foam) is performed for the sub carpet and then the fabrication process, ie the integration and assembly of the carpet parts in the same place.