Collections of Carpets

Special Carpet

Large Size Carpet


Washing and cleaning large and coarse carpets of any size and any kind of fibers at the site of installation by the eslimi carpet specialist group.

You don’t need to send your carpet outdoors. we wash it in front of your eyes at home with mechanized devices.

In the company’s carpet washing system, to keep fibers and color of carpet we don’t use any acidic detergentsa, color and odor. we washed your carpet very special front your eyes

Carpet Design

By a group of designers and engineers with an academic experience using the experience and knowledge of the day and Fit to the tastes and decorations of the location

Making Carpet

Choosing the type of carpet and quality of the weave and technology, depending on the importance of the building in terms of architecture and application

Carpet Installation

Installation of carpets for a reception halls, residential or even mosque , despite the columns, niche and apse in that area